At Modern English our teachers are patient, friendly and CELTA qualified. We advertise locally and globally for a mix of British and Malaysian teachers to bring together the best of both countries.

We understand the need to create a positive learning environment in which all students can achieve their full potential. When it comes to speaking, our students have great role models to follow as our teachers are native or proficient English speakers with clear pronunciation. Our teachers are given plenty of time to plan interactive lessons using a combination of the best text books and their own quirky ideas to get students using the language in class. As well as using video and audio resources we often play games, regardless of age, to practise what we’ve studied in class. After all, you’re never too old to have fun!

You won’t be copying pages and pages of notes into your exercise books in class here. Your teachers will want to talk to you and listen to your opinions so don’t be shy! You might even find yourself teaching part of the class and, as a result, you’ll have a better understanding of the topic.